Alex Lilly

Full-stack web developer

Work Experience

Web developer consultant - data chimp

Helped build a TypeScript-based Redwood app that helps data scientists analyze data faster. Used React, Chakra-UI, and Tailwind-CSS to create front end components. Managed the database including schema changes and migrations via Prisma ORM.

Webmaster - Tuskawilla Shepherds

Created and maintain a custom website for this charitable organization. Used Gatsby static site generator with React.


College Football Now

A dashboard showing the scores, down and distance, and TV channels of all the college football games on TV right now. Built using Next.js and the College Football Data API.

Jeopardy! Trainer

A web app to help you hone your Jeopardy! skills. Play through previously aired games and Jeopardy! Trainer will track your results so you know which categories to study up on. Built using Redwood and the J! Archive JSON API.

Word Guess Game

My very first web project. A "hangman" style word game that you can play in the web browser. Built with good old-fashioned HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Don't cheat by looking at the console!